Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery by Tehnos, resulting from our knowledge, development and tests, have a robust design, comprehensive functionality and a long service life.

Modern technical features and design as well as patented solutions are a guarantee of superior quality and flawless operation.

Some of our most important patented solutions

Rotor Low Vib – LW

The patented distribution of the flails on the rotor ensures less vibration. This means a smooth operation and a longer service life of the machine. Minimum bending stress and deformation are visible from the diagram.

The Low Vib (LW) patent allows for a faster rotation of the rotor at a higher circumferential speed of the flails, which significantly enhances the effect of mulching.

Tilted double joint

The patented double joint assures a smooth and simultaneous shift and lifting of the side flail mower upon hitting an obstacle. This enables a safe crossing past obstacles. The return of the machine to the working position is enabled by the installed extension springs.

Hydraulic safety system

The patented hydraulic safety system of parallelogram shift ensures an offset of the side flail mower and the relief of the linkage upon reaching an obstacle. The return of the machine to the working position is enabled by a hydraulic actuator.


A flail mower is a machine designed to mulch crop residues in agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, and clean other agricultural, municipality and infrastructure areas.


The automatic and semi-automatic potato planter, cultivator and potato digger are machines suitable for smaller agricultural surfaces.


The cultivator for various types of cultures and the fertilizer spreader are intended for working the fields throughout the year.

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