Flail mowers, shredders, mulchers

A flail mower is a machine designed to mulch crop residues in agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, and clean other agricultural, municipality and infrastructure areas
Universal mower MU profi LW


They are used for mulching crop residues in agriculture (corn, straw, potato shoots, sunflowers, green manure), utilities (along roadsides, railways, infrastructure facilities, embankments and along waterways), fruit-growing and viticulture (branches, vine shoots, grasslands) as well as for clearing pastures.

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Field shredder MP profi LW


Field shredders are robust and versatile machines for work on large areas of farmland at a higher working speed and where is bigger volume of the mulching mass. They are designed primarily to mulch cereal and maize stubble, grass, sunflowers and other crops used for green fertilization.

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Side flail mower MB profi LW


In addition to the universal application in agriculture, they are designed to mulch municipality areas with an inclination of +90°/-60°, mainly the banks of watercourses, ditches, roadside areas and meadows, orchards and pastures.

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Finishing mower MT profi


They are primarily intended for the quick and effective mulching of grass in orchards, vineyards, parks, pastures, airfields, golf courses, etc.

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Flail mowers for
orchards and vineyards

They are intended for professional use in vineyards in fruit-growing for mowing shoots, branches and grass.


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Forestry mulchers

They are used for cleaning overgrown surfaces and the maintenance of forests and farmland. They are intended for grinding all kinds of wood, branches, shrubs, woody plant residues, undergrowth, brushwood and thin trunks.

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Asparagus flail mowers

Easy to use, dedicated use and practical design give its users the reliability and convenience they need, as well as providing essential high-quality mulching results.

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