Side flail mowers

In addition to the universal application in agriculture, they are designed to mulch municipality areas with an inclination of +90°/-60°, mainly the banks of watercourses, ditches, roadside areas and meadows, orchards and pastures.

Smooth operation is enabled by an electronically balanced rotor with patented Low Vib (LW) distribution of the flails. This ensures a reduced source of vibrations, minimum bending deformation and stress, which extends the service life of the flail mower.

Side flail mower MB profi LW


Working width: 170 – 220 cm
Tractor power: 60 – 110 HP

See detailed description

Side flail mower MBL light LW


Working width: 150 – 200 cm
Tractor power: 50 – 85 HP

See detailed description

Flexible side flail mower MBP profi LW

flexible PROFI

Working width: 200 – 280 cm
Tractor power: 70 – 145 HP

See detailed description

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