Tool workshop

Our tool workshop with modern equipment offering modern CNC processing supported by the latest CAD systems and 5-axis CAM technologies enables us to produce even the most complex forms. The tool workshop combines the activities of producing tools, mechanical processing and the automatization of production and one-of-a-kind work for all sectors of our production.

The production of products requires procedural knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics and mechatronics, in addition to precise mechanical processing.

We process various basic and high-alloy steels, tool steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, etc. We produce tools for injection moulding plastics and rubber as well as tools for cold sheet metal forming. We also produce various preparations and templates for the automotive and aircraft industry, which require specialized knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatics, in addition to precise mechanical processing and are also procedurally managed. We are known for our complex mechatronics.

A great advantage we offer is combining expertise from various areas, as well as our modern processing technologies and their implementation in our own production processes.

We ensure customer satisfaction with a procedural approach to managing the quality system. Operational control of production processes is performed using statistical methods of measurement (Cp, Cpk, CTQ).


Processing Dimensions
3-axis CNC milling 400 x 300 x 300
  600 x 400 x 350
  700 x 450 x 400
  800 x 500 x 500
  1100 x 800 x 700
  1016 x 635 x 700
  1270 x 670 x 625
  3230 x 2000 x 850
4-axis CNC milling 600 x 600 x 600
  1600 x 1200 x 500
  2100 x 1500 x 1500
5-axis CNC milling 420 x 400 x 380
  650 x 765 x 520
  1100 x 1200 x 920
Conventional turning do ø400 x 1500
  do ø500 x 2500
  do ø500 x 3000
3-axis CNC turning do ø420 x 3000
4-axis CNC turning do ø420 x 1350
  do ø420 x 3200
5-axis CNC turning do ø250 x 560
  do ø320 x 700 (2x)


Processing Dimensions
CNC sinker EDM 400 x 300 x 250
  600 x 400 x 400
  1000 x 600 x 500
Wire EDM 600 x 400 x 250
Circular segment surface do ø1000 x 500
Conventional surface 1000 x 300 x 400
  1000 x 300 x 400
  1000 x 300 x 400 
  1200 x 600 x 570
NC surface 600 x 300 x 300
  900 x 300 x 350
Profile 900 x 300 (5x)

Fields of application:

  • tools and preparation for own use,
  • automotive and aircraft industry,
  • clamping device industry,
  • home and domestic appliance industry,
  • other industries.

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