Vision and social responsibility

For more than 30 years, we have been building good relationships in Tehnos. These are the foundations for a respectful attitude towards the environment, our partners, customers, suppliers, employees and all those living with us.

We are aware that this is the only way to combine business success with our vision. Our courage, knowledge, ability, innovation, diligence and ingenuity enable us to be quick and flexible.

We live the way that leads to creativity and ensuring sustainable development. Tasks are performed with commitment and to our best ability. We want to remain a development-oriented company that always meets the expectations of our partners in the global market through our advanced solutions in technology, quality, sales and after-sales activities.

Operating strategy

The guarantee that buyers see a reliable and stable development partner in Tehnos are our post-sale activities and servicing services.

Our competitiveness is in our expertise, the responsibility of each and every associate, the complexity that we have built on over the years, our innovation in all areas, modern technological equipment and a creative team of employees.


Social responsibility

Socially responsible behaviour includes the entire range of operations at the company and the relationships that are created here. When doing business, we take into consideration the interests of our employees, the environment, the customers and partners, as well as the local and wider community.

By continuously investing in technological upgrades that protect and respect environmental principles and adhere to international standards, we take care of the health, education and social welfare of our associates.

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