Product quality is an essential part of the success of our company. Our main goals are to develop, produce and sell high-quality products which meet the needs and requirements of our customers while also being environmentally- and people-friendly. Quality also means that we as a company respect all agreements with our customers and partners.

We take great care that we employ competent people as we understand that it is the people who ensure the quality of the system. We place much emphasis on the systematic training and education of all our employees and, in doing so, we create a unified culture of quality and increase the sense of belonging among employees.

Quality control

The various production programmes dictate various approaches to quality control.

By meeting high international standards, we ensure the repeatability of production and stable production processes. With their proper attitude, professional training and expertise, all the employees play a part in the implementation of auto-controls throughout the production process. All this guarantees the superior quality of our products.

On one-time projects we perform measurements using a 3D coordinate measuring machine in accordance with the control plans. On small-batch and mass production we perform quality control using the statistical measurement of the capability and stability of the production process (Cp, Cpk, CTQ), a coordinate measuring machine and dedicated control and measurement preparations.

Measuring equipment

  • CNC coordinate measuring machine: 900 x 2000 x 800 (reverse engineering option),
  • profile projector,
  • optical tool measuring device,
  • metal hardness tester (HRC, HRB, HB),
  • rubber shore hardness tester (Sh-A),
  • test templates,
  • precision scales,
  • stabilizing ovens,
  • appliances for testing in accordance with DIN 53517,
  • coating thickness gauge,
  • dedicated measuring devices.

To ensure the reliable operation of our machines and the successful execution of development projects, we use FMEA analyses and other methods such as 8D, Pareto diagram, etc.

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